Why Schools Use Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors are a fascinating innovation. These interactive projectors are beneficial to students because it doesn’t just give them the opportunity to learn about an unfamiliar topic, but they also provide a fun way to learn about the topic.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 reasons why schools use interactive projectors in classrooms.

The following are five reasons why you should install interactive projectors in your school or district’s classrooms.

Why Schools Use Interactive Projectors

Why Schools Use Interactive Projectors

Screen size affects education

Children learn better when they can see what is on the screen. However, in many schools, being able to view the screen is not a certainty. In fact, compared to a 75″ flat screen, projectors can project huge, 100″ 16:9 and super-wide, 120″ 16:6 images, providing up to 95% more interaction space.

Flexible rules apply.

When not in use, an interactive projector enables the user to use the wall space for other purposes and display content on any surface. This allows teachers to be flexible with their lessons. Students might be asked to place their capitals and important cities on a map of Europe that a teacher has projected on a table, for instance. Students can work together in real-time with the help of the enormous 100″ picture and support for up to eight users.

Transform whiteboards into interactive environments

It’s acceptable to install projectors in classrooms that already have whiteboards. You don’t have to give up the whiteboard area while using Epson screens. Now you can make your basic whiteboard interactive and then get it back once you’re finished.

Additionally, if your institution already employs one-to-one technology, such as Chromebooks, search for an interactive projector that can communicate with student gadgets. Then, using their own devices, students can work on issues or questions, and the teacher can choose which student’s screen to display in order to provide rapid feedback.

The software that teachers use is another factor. To expand the usage of this standard software in classrooms, Epson can offer Learning Suite Online from SMART Technologies along with projector technology. More teachers will employ projection technology and applications if they are streamlined to a greater extent.

Teamwork inspires creativity

No matter the platform, most interactive projector integration with Chrome, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS makes it simple to connect to the rest of your school’s technology. You may effortlessly share content wirelessly from up to 50 laptops and other devices.

Durable laser technology

The essential thing to think about after projector installation and mounting is maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the projectors going out in the middle of a class because most projectors have a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. Projectors become more of a standard in classrooms because of their lengthy lives. In addition to teaching, they can be used for announcements and broadcasting current events.

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